A multi-generational, family-owned craft cidery dedicated to reviving the use of heirloom bittersweet varietals in our craft ciders, and highlighting fruit/produce from local/regional farms who take pride in their produce, and practice environmental stewardship. We aim to create and nurture meaningful relationships with our communities, inventive recipes highlighting unique flavor profiles, and collaborative efforts with local businesses, farmers, educators and artisans alike.





Susie bremer Jensen:   


Susie's great grandfather was Jacob Schmidt (of Jacob Schmidt Brewing Company), so you might have thought she would get into crafting beer, but she has always enjoyed the crisp and refreshing taste of hard cider. Her main residence which is tucked in at the base of the Cascade mountains, has apple trees on it from years before, when it had been an orchard. As a family they would pick and press the apples every fall and made cider. One thing led to another and next thing she knew, she was planting old varietals of bittersweet apples at their farm in Ellensburg, WA. They now have a thriving orchard and once she retired as an art teacher, her focus shifted to developing her own cidery which was named after the wheel line irrigation system that her father in law developed. The old barn has been converted into the cidery and the barndominium they used to live in, is now our office space. 

Susie loves to garden and entertain. The beauty of Eastern Wa has inspired her to create a space where her three passions can co-exist. She has thoughtfully designed a gathering space where the community can come and experience the slower pace of country life while sipping on a crafted cider.


Maryanna SChane:

Director of Marketing and Sales

Maryanna is the daughter of Wheel Line Ciders visionary, Susie! She graduated in 2010 from Fort Lewis College in Durango CO with a BA in Marketing. She spent the summer after college as a raft guide where she met her husband. In 2011 they left Colorado for Ellensburg WA to help her Dad work the family farm, Timoteo Ranch. She has 3 kids and loves the outdoors. You can catch her skimming the isles looking for new and fun ciders to try, getting her hands dirty in the orchard learning how to grow heirloom apples, and shadowing the cider maker learning the age old art of crafting cider!


Chris Sherry:

Director of Operations/Cider Maker

Chris is from the United Kingdom. He gained experience working with Cider and Wine in the UK and France.  He studied Viticulture and Enology at Plumpton College, University of Brighton and graduated as Top Practical Student. In 2015, he won the Rising Star Winemaker award and is an official judge for the international sparkling wine competition, Effervescents du Monde, held annually in Dijon, France. He left the UK to pursue a career in Washington state due to its incredible terroir (sense of place). 

Chris is married and has 2 golden retrievers. He enjoys Soccer, cooking and also plays guitar.