Wheel Line Cider has a small onsite orchard dedicated to cultivating, nurturing, and promoting old world heirloom varietals! Our focus is specifically on the bittersweet varietals also fondly known as "spitters". The tannin levels in bittersweet are what create a dry "body" or crisp profile in the cider.

Our English varieties: Major, Campfield, Harrison, Yarington Mill, Ellis Bitter, Somerset Redstreak, Stoke Red, Tremlett Bitter, Chisel Jersey, Harry Masters Jersy, Redstreak.

Our French varieties: Nehou, Michelin, Muscat de Bernay, Amere de Berthecourt, Muscat De Peppe, Frequent Rouge,Domaine, Dabinett, Medaille D’or Noel de Champs, Reine de Pomme, Binet Rouge.

American Varieties: Golden Russet

Crab Apples: Siberian Crab, Red Vein Crab, Hewes Virginia Crab, Manchurian Crab.

Pear Varietals: Barland, Brandy, Andre Huffcap and Warren

Our goal is to create Cider rooted in Washington and Kittitas County in particular whilst showcasing the sense of place and unique "terroir" of the Pacific Northwest.